Babysitting A Snow Baby: Faunt & Funcle

We’re babysitting our Niece’s puppy Finn. When he arrived today it was the first time he had seen snow. He has had three trips outside already where he ‘did his business’ and frolicked in snow. Here you see him rolling and rolling in snow beside himself with joy. We’ve nick named ourselves Faunt & Funcle…fun aunt and fun uncle! We plan to spoil him rotten and enjoy every minute with this ball of energy.

We want to get puppies in the new year, so we’re learning and remembering what it is like to have a dog in the house. The drooling, the panting, the bad breath, the farts – all part of the joy and smells of loving a dog. He has reminded us that the joy of loving a pet brings out the kid in us all. We had fun watching him have fun in the snow. I found myself frolicking and running like a mad woman playing with sticks and tramping through the snow piles. It is of course my job as a Faunt to wind him up, wear him out, take him inside and watch him nap.

Today I ask you to remember the joys of the season – snow, puddles, puppies and Christmas. Let the child within you come alive, even if it means your socks will get soaking wet from playing in the snow. No worries, they’ll dry out before you get to go outside again. Let your inner Faunt & Funcle have just as much fun as the ‘kids’.

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