Encourage Another Pajama Adventurer

Can you read these letters? Can you imagine words or phrases from these cookie cutters? Do you see fragments of words or do these letters trigger thoughts in your mind? If you can see and imagine words in this jumble, thank the people who helped you learn to read. My parents are readers and that encouraged us to read. We had bedtime stories and were told tales as we traveled as a family in the car. We bought books at the school book fair with our own money, and we spent time reading them year after year. We read books, we checked out books from the library, and we read stories to the next generation.

Story time in class or at the library was a wonder. It helped us grow our imaginations and learn that anything is possible. Through books we were able to travel the globe, the stars, and everywhere in between. We could fly, we could swim the great seas, we could dance on clouds, and we could save the world…all before bedtime. Our imaginations soared and the possibilities were endless. We could pick up any book and travel forwards or backwards in time and explore strange, new worlds throughout the galaxy. Being able to read meant we could learn to do anything and go anywhere.

My husband and I have inherited many of the family books. Fiction, non-fiction, travel, business, finance, art, adventure and any other topic are all there in our library waiting to be opened. When family comes to visit some like to sit in there and read their own book, or they pick a new book, and a couple even leave the book they have been reading for the next adventurer to absorb. The love of books and reading is making it’s way to the next generation. I recently started reading Winnie the Pooh, it’s amazing!

If you wonder what gift to give someone this year, why not give them a book? Share with them a topic that touched you and helped you become who you are today. Give them the gift that money cannot buy and no one can ever steal. Give them a chance to use their vivid imagination. Share with them the gift of reading that someone shared with you. Be thankful for the teachers, parents and siblings who read with you, for you, and to you. Give thanks for your willingness to read and learn and face adventure while still wearing your favorite pajamas

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