The Stories of Pasqualina’s Rug

My husband’s paternal grandmother was a first generation Italian. She died before I could meet her. Her name was Pasqualina. We have her Persian rug in our living room, and today our cat Artie spent the afternoon enjoying the rug and a sunny spot. Seeing him nap on the floor and enjoy the warmth and safety of her rug made me think of her. I wish that I could have met her, known her and become her friend. I hear the family stories and can only imagine how feisty and opinionated she was, and the courage she must have had to leave home and head to America.

I do not know the story of how she bought this rug, or why she picked out this pattern. I don’t know when she bought it or in what room she enjoyed it in her house. She passed it down to her son, my father in law, and when they downsized they passed it down to my husband. It is worn and a little threadbare in spots. The fringe is missing on a couple areas and the edges are no longer square. Despite all that it is still beautiful and we have been enjoying it for many years.

I can only imagine the stories this rug would tell, the conversations it has overheard and the family hoopla it has endured. It has celebrated births, weddings, deaths and changes. It has lived in the north and the south, the east and the west. It has heard countless languages and absorbed many party spills. It has celebrated Christmas, Thanksgiving and every holiday in between. It has survived cleanings, vacuuming, dust and pet hair. And it still survives to provide another warm resting place for our kitties, day in and day out.

I give thanks for the family treasures we have been blessed to now enjoy, and the people who made these purchase long before we were even an idea. This rug reminds me that courage to change your world may mean leaving home and seeking out a new land. This rug reminds me that some things endure beyond our imagination, and touch people who we may never meet. This rug serves as a reason to be thankful, be gracious, and how important it is to be able to bless others. I give thanks for the stories this rug could tell, and look forward to adding more of our own for years to come.

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