Two: Keep Going, Keep Working, Keep Doing

Ink on toned blue watercolor paper – Words: Beyoncé

I agree with Beyoncé here, the most amazing women we all know have confidence. In whatever form it manifests itself, you can see it and can’t help but want to be around it. Confidence makes them someone you want to follow, learn from, get to know more, and hope to have in your life for a long period of time.

Sitting in the principal’s office, Beyoncé was encouraged to do better at school. Not to day dream or let her mind wander. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, so they knew what subjects to suggest for her to study, she said she was going to be a famous singer. Every time a teacher or guidance counselor had that conversation with her she had the same answer, I am going to be a singer. And every time they tried to talk her out of it. Beyoncé already knew her gift and how she wanted to use it. Interesting note, none of those people ever asked her to sing.

Confidence can look like madness, obsession, craziness and even resemble nothing in our current reality. Women with ideas are often minimalized due to their gender and preconceived ideas about what a woman can do. Yes, it still happens today, in 2023, women all over the globe are told what they should be, will be, and laughed at when they dare to claim what they will be. Some people find confidence off putting. Some people find it intimidating. And some people find it something to crush. In whatever form it takes, confidence is all any of us need in order to take our lives to the next level. We need to claim it, work hard, and never give up…even when our own self confidence is waining.

I have one more piece to create in order to hit my one thousand works of art goal…that piece will be posted tomorrow. I found today’s artwork ironic, as I did it over at least seven times in different formats and colors. I did not feel confident about most of that work, so I kept going. A quote about confidence was a bit intimidating; I wanted it to be perfect and it is not, nothing is ever perfect. And that’s okay. I like this one and that’s what matters most – how I feel about my work. I think it illustrates the journey we all have in gaining confidence…when our own self confidence is elusive, keep going, keep working, keep doing different things until you find what works for you.

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