Leave Large Footprints!!!

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Lehmah Gbowee

A multitude of women have traveled millions of miles so that future generations would inherit a better world. They paved the way for every woman you know to live a better life. I loved these words when I read them…

Leaving large footprints entails not walking on tip toes.

-Lehman Gbowee

When we are doing what we think is right, when we struggle and build a better life for ourselves, we are giving permission for those that follow to do the same. We leave large footprints, ones those who will come behind us can follow. We do no one any good when we walk on tip toes and barely make a path for anyone to see. It may feel like the easier way, the polite way, the best way to not make waves and get through it, whatever it is. In the end tip toes leave us feeling small, insignificant and for those who are watching us they feel the same. “If they don’t make large footprints, then how can I?”

Some one is always watching us live our lives. Our children, our family, our colleagues, our friends, even our neighbors. They all see how we live and are themselves encouraged and enthused when we take big steps, and that means they are also whittled down, deflated and discouraged when we play it small. Sure it might seem the easier, safer path to walk on tip toes, yet the ripples those tender, scared steps make are impactful. It is hard to succeed when we are moving forward without any power in our stride. Big things require big steps!

So, there is that thing you need to do, want to do, have to do…do it by making large footprints with confidence and power. Leave a clear path for others to follow and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that YOU are the person to leave those large footprints.

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