Drowned Out the Naysayers

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Susan B. Anthony

Forget what the world will say…great advice. I was just overlooked today and it bothered me greatly. I know the person didn’t mean it, yet it cut like a knife. I got mad, and I will probably be mad for a while. Once I calmed down I realize they were underestimating me, taking me for granted, and they ‘man-splained’ way too much.

Go ahead, underestimate me…I will still go out and think my best thoughts. Waste your time telling me what to do when you haven’t done it nor can you…I will go out and speak my best words and watch you squirm in your seat. And by all means push aside my accomplishments, my ideas, my hard work and my triumphs…and I will still go out tomorrow and do my best work leaving you in the dust to wonder what just happened.

When I read this quote from Susan B. Anthony – a suffragette who must have been overlooked, told to stay in her place, and reminded that her voice didn’t matter – I totally understand and appreciate her battle and passion to keep going. When we have a hard day, let us remind ourselves that we have the power to stand on the shoulders of people who have already won battles we will never have to fight.

People will do stupid things, that doesn’t mean we can use their bad behavior as an excuse to limit our thoughts, words or actions. If we do that it means they win. Instead we need to keep going, keep thinking big thoughts, speaking bold words and letting our actions and accomplishments drowned out the naysayers. Go beyond what they think or say or do, never let their underestimations limit your own path forward.

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