The Path May Not Be Clear, and Yet…

Ink on Mixed Media paper – Words: Susan Wojcicki

“We are gearing up for a big change.” Ever heard those words before? Be it your company, your community, your church or your household, change is inevitable. Our first reaction usually sits somewhere between fear and excitement. We are relieved that things which are not working are going to change, and at the same time we fear that things we have grown to rely upon will disappear. Change is hard, exciting and daunting all rolled into one.

Susan Wojcicki faced a career change. She wanted a challenge and yet was not sure what that might be. She was approached by a small start up in 1998, so she rented out her garage to the company founders. She worked with that group as their first marketing officer, she was employee sixteen. Oh yeah, the company was called Google. Along her journey, farther down the road, she noticed the success of YouTUbe and suggested Google buy it. They did and she was appointed the CEO of YouTube in 2014 and remained in that role until this year.

Everything does not always come in the package we expect. Nice neat corners, perfect bows, or even a box we can lift, and yet the package is still one we need to open. And boy does it get messy from there. Change, growth, pains, struggles, even difficult choices…but you still need to open that unattractive box to see what it might hold inside. Change is messy. Messy has the ability to grow your life and experiences beyond your wildest imaginations.

If you expect your options to be a clear path, if you want growth opportunity, a development plan, even the ability to get promoted you might be waiting a long time for the perfect box to arrive at your door. Ask successful people and they usually took a chance or two somewhere along their journey. Some chances paid off, some turned into disasters…nothing is guaranteed. Be open to doing something as silly as renting out your garage to a couple nerds to see where it might take you, the path may not be clear yet the possibilities are endless!

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