Time to Go Get Your Hammer

Metallic ink & gel pen on Verde Toned Paper – Words: Bono

Erin Go Bragh is our prompt for week eight in our fifty week calligraphy challenge. Anything Irish was the only parameter. I spent time searching for people, quotes, events, anything Irish and when I read these words from Bono (Lead singer of U2) I had my topic. The green inks photographed much more blue than the original piece, go figure…but you get the jist!

The world is malleable, what a great word to describe days filled with options. It means we have the right raw material to make of our world what we want, we just have to be willing to get out our hammers and start working hard. And that’s the rub isn’t it, hard work and the courage to keep going. I think we all know we can do anything if we are willing to do the work. We just need to get over ourselves and get things moving.

How do you spell luck? W-O-R-K! Everyone wants the outcome of work, they are not always willing to actually DO that work. Everyone wants to feel lucky, and yet luck is really just the accumulation of hours, and hours, and hours of hard work unless you are banking on a big win at the slot machines in Vegas. Someone has to do the work in order for something to happen. Good things come out of hard work.

Rats! Wouldn’t it be great if just once we got a free ride? If we didn’t have to do that work in order to get what we want? And I’m pausing here as I write…would it? Would the joy and exhilaration be the same if it were free or we benefitted from the hard labor of someone else without any effort of our own? Maybe initially, in the end we would actually lose. We would have missed the lessons, building up our mental and physical muscles, and I do not think we would appreciate it the same if it came to us for free.

So let us give three cheers to hard work. To a malleable world waiting for us to hammer it into shape. And three cheers for the Irish who have given us such wonderful people, culture and words all built on the hard work of everyone in that land. Go get your hammers and let’s make this world into exactly what we want!

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