Live the Adventure

Ink and bleach on card stock – Words: Karl Wallenda

Living life means not knowing what will happen tomorrow. Otherwise all we are doing is watching time move forward while we stand still. There is a time to be quiet and peaceful, to enjoy our serenity and value what we have in our life. There is a time to push ourselves, reach for our goals, and put in the effort to risk and follow our bliss. Being content in life is knowing when and how often to focus on each side of that coin.

I love that Wallenda, a famous tight rope walker, put life and the adventures it provides into such a clear description. Of course he would compare it to walking a tightrope, that was his lifelong focus and to him everything else was waiting.

What are you waiting for? What are you doing to move yourself and your world forward? And how’s it going? Are you frustrated, satisfied, searching, longing, or some combination of all of that and sometimes all within a ten minute span of the day? If life were predictable, it would be boring. If we could control everything all the time, it would be bland. And if we knew exactly what was going to happen when and where, then we would be time travelers. Real life is none of those things. It is real, raw, frustrating and sometimes rather dull.

Maybe your time right now is spent waiting. Maybe your time right now is building, growing, working hard. Maybe your time right now is trying to figure out if you need to move farther forward on that tightrope or if you need to be patient while things change. Or maybe it is all three, whew! Wouldn’t it be great if we had a handbook for how our life was going to be today, tomorrow and always? Nah! That would be dull and boring…like being in a perpetual state of living on the sidelines.

Take a deep breath and trust your training. If you are going to live, eventually you are going to have to move out onto the wire and walk forward. Keep moving, go slow and believe in your skills. The chance to wait will come and go, the time to move is always before us. It is up to us to get out there and live the adventure no matter how scary it might be!

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