President’s Day

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Abraham Lincoln

It is President’s Day in the United States, which means for a lot of people a day off. I found this quote and appreciated how Lincoln expressed his thoughts about making a President. We vote someone into office, after an election process…that does not make them President. It is the events they must endure, lead and decide how to proceed through that determine the kind of President they will become.

It is up to us, the citizens to keep the person we have elected accountable, honest, and centered on what it is we need done to keep our great land running. That has changed greatly since the invention of 24×7 news channels, the internet and social media. Just because it appears on the news or online does not mean it is true. We must listen, think and decide what is real and what is just media sensationalism. Whether we like it or not we are responsible for what we act upon, just as if we were the President.

I give thanks for our country, the good things we do and the freedoms we have that are not afforded other people across the globe. That slo means we have to safeguard those freedoms and rights for all our citizens, even if we disagree with what they want. Freedom is not only for the people we agree with, it is for all citizens and expected of our leaders.

Another election will be coming sooner that we realize. Get out and vote. If you do not vote then you have lost your right to complain. Do not let the events of your life get in the way of exercising your right to vote.

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