That Thing We Want, Oh Yeah…It’s Spring!

Ink on Pastel paper – Words: Mark Twain

I thought these words expressed exactly how I was feeling today. You know you want it, don’t know what IT is, and yet you want it so…Spring! We’ve been teased a great deal lately with flowers beginning to bud, grass getting greener, cherry trees and forsythia blooming, it all feels like a big tease. It was forty-two degrees with a wind chill in the low thirties…ugh!

Have I mentioned that I am officially tired of Winter yet? After growing up in the Chicago area I am spoiled by how early Spring arrives here in the South. I am proud to be a cold weather wimp. Give me sunshine any time, four seasons and several months of Spring. I think today Mother Nature was reminding us that no matter what the weather team tells us, she is in charge.

It can be hard wanting something, knowing that it will be better, just not knowing exactly what that thing is. Sort of like job hunting, house shopping or dating, there must be an option that will satisfy that ache, right? Good news is we have choices, even if we have to go out and make those choices come to life on our own terms. Work hard, become a solid version of ourselves, and then get out there and make things happen. We also have to deal with the fact that we are not always in charge. It doesn’t always go the way we plan and dealing with life’s curve balls may feel like an endless uphill battle. And then that tree on the corner starts showing pink and we are reminded that Nature does have a plan, we simply need to keep getting up each day and enjoy the ride. And maybe bring an extra sweater in case the temperature drops again, today for me it was ear muffs!

As I walked in the cold wind and felt Winter nipping at my nose, I was reminded that Spring will come, things will get warmer, and I will have the opportunity to wear shorts again soon. Today was blustery, tomorrow will get better. Nature has a pattern, we just have to keep our heads high and look forward to the thing we want, oh yeah…it’s Spring!

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