There is Great Power Here

Sumi ink on watercolor paper – Words: Publilius Syrus

Sometimes silence is the only answer. More powerful than words or deeds. Once we are able to harness the power of silence, a pause, waiting without words, we can do anything.

When was the last time you sat silently and did not respond? You let your silence be your answer. It means nothing and everything at the same time. Often the best answer when you do not know what to say is silence. Maybe you need to think before speaking, or think before even attempting to speak, or better yet think and not answer. Some of my best responses when offended, doubtful, angry or hesitant have been silence. And as someone who processes things by thinking, that silence says a lot more than any words I might compose.

There is power in being able to be silent. I will harness that silence and ask you to think long an hard before you speak next time. Before dredging things up, adding to the panic or confusion, arguing, snapping back or piling on with sarcasm, try silence. It is a hard response to overcome. Think about being silent first and speaking second before you utter those words that make things worse.

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