Why NOT Think Big!?!

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Emeril Lagasse

Got an idea, think big! Thinking small does nothing but make us act small. Small means we are fearful, hesitant, not sure and it shows in how we execute on our idea. So what prevents us from thinking big?

Are we fearful that thinking big means failing big? Yes! What’s wrong with failing big? HUGE mistakes bring huge lessons, huge learnings, and huge opportunities for things to get better. It can be hard to fail big, yet does the size of the failure make failure any easier? Failing is hard no matter what, so why not just think big, fail big and keep moving forward?

Or do we think small because we do not feel or think we are worthy of big, grand, humongous ideas? The size of our ideas and our risks are a direct reflection of our own self confidence. Maybe your first idea is not big, maybe you have to grow into it? Maybe you have to gain small steps to success and end up big. Okay, I get that…I do. I just hate to think that you are thinking small, acting small to play it safe. Safe doesn’t win the prize most of the time, safe stays back and lets someone else cross the fining line first. Let me tell you, you are better, bigger, smarter than just playing it safe. You can think big and fail big, learn big and grow big! All you ave to do is begin by thinking your idea is worthy, enough and big enough to scare the hair off your legs!

THAT idea is worth your effort. The big one, the scary one…the one you want to step back and avoid. The one that only you can implement, THAT is the big idea! Go for it, fail big and keep trying!

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