Get Busy Doing!

Gel Printed Paper + Mixed Media – Words: Louis L’Amour

Happy New Year – it is 2023! A new year, a new perspective, even though it just feels like another Sunday! You’re right, that’s true. It is just another Sunday, the first one of the year. Each day is what we make of it. Each day we have a choice of how we are going to live, what to do, what not to do, and who we want to become. Sounds like a typical New Year’s Day speech. But is it?

These words from Louis L’Amour remind us that what we think is the end is actually the beginning. Life is all about change, as change is the one thing we can count on. So what appears to be the completion of one thing opens the door for the next thing. We may not know exactly what that next thing will be, how it will work, what it will do to us, yet it is the beginning of something different.

This is the time of year when people make New Year’s resolutions. We see the potential in this new calendar filled with three hundred and sixty-five days and hope for the things we want to take place. But Hope is not a strategy. Hope does not get things done – it is vital, don’t get me wrong – but it is not the same as working hard. Hope provides the dream, work provides the results. So what are you hoping takes place this year? And what are you willing to do to make that hope come to life? Hoping goes best with doing…

So write down your hopes and then get busy DOING!

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