Squander Yourself in Your “Thing”

Ink on toned pastel paper – Words: William Cowper

People talk about finding happiness a lot. Is it in things, people, places, adventures, our work, our service, or some combination of all of those things? I found this quote and it reminded me about the people I know who are truly happy:

The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves on purpose

-William Cowper 1800

The people I know who are happy – in themselves, their life, their work – are the ones who are enthralled in whatever it is they do each day. They have thrown themselves into it with all they have AND bring such joy and passion to their endeavor that those around them find happiness as well. Their energy, vitality and ability to bring clarity to things helps us all “see” what they see. Which means we all enjoy doing what we are doing.

Think of someone you know who is really good at what they do. They enjoy it, love it, are almost obsessed with it. It communes them and their world, which may at times seem a bit too much. When in reality, it is the fact that they have squandered themselves in this purpose that makes them so attractive and fun to be around. Their passion is contagious!

When was the last time you felt that way? So absorbed in something that time wafted away without you realizing the day was gone. So excited to be doing what you were doing that nothing else mattered. And so alive that you couldn’t sleep you were so excited! THAT is what makes us happy. Doing what we love – a hobby, a job, a task, a service, or even building something – that “thing” has helped us find what we enjoy doing and brought us a new level of happiness.

Want to be happy in the new year, find that “thing” that you want to do and engulf yourself in that endeavor. Not sure what that “thing” is, then get out there and find it. Dare to try new things, join new groups, serve in new ways and do it often. Let that “thing” take over and watch all your self doubt, anxiety, and fear fade to dust as this thing consumes your days.

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