It is How We Become

New Ink brush pen – Words: John Wesley

I received a new type of brush pen in my stocking. I did not know how the ink looked or how it would react with paper, so I played around a little. I share this example as it illustrates that not all inks are solid, full and opaque. Some are more like watercolor which can make it a little more difficult to letter. I learned a few things here and look forward to seeing how I can incorporate this pens features into future work.

I hope you received something new this year, even if that was watching a child open your gift and experiencing wonder in their eyes. It is amazing what happens to humans as they experience new and exciting things. Suddenly we are all children and can imagine infinite possibilities even from a new kind of pen.

Give yourself or someone else the gift of newness. Let them experiment, blunder, learn and try again. Being able to play with no consequences is the best gift we can give or receive. In this season of giving, give freedom to try and fail and learn. It is how we become.

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