The Pluses and the Minuses

Ink on sketch paper – Words: Katherine Mansfield

Some days we are blessed with all sorts of pluses. We know that the world is in our favor and everything seems to be going our way. And then there are the days when we have nothing but minuses. Everything goes wrong and we feel like the Charlie Browniest of all the Charlie Browns in the world. Life is what happens on each of these days and on all the days in between. Life is all about dealing with the pluses and the minuses in the same way; know that there will be good days, bad days, boring days, and days we forget simply because they blended into every other day.

I set a goal to create one thousand pieces of art for my blog. Believe it or not, I only have ninety-one more to hit that goal. Basically three months and I will have completed that target. I also think can’t believe it, yet math does not lie. I am at 909 as of today…Then what? I have no idea…well I do, but that will be posted later this week! (Hee, hee!)

My point is that life happens no matter what you are doing, who you are or where you were born. Life happens to us all, maybe in different shapes and sizes, and yet it still happens. From rich to poor, educated to simpleton, life happens. How we react to what happens, how we let it stop us, build us stronger, or lets us get distracted, life will take us on a ride. We can slump over in our seat and wallow in self pity. We can ride with the window down flying our hand outside to enjoy the warm breezes. We can just go along and hope that whatever it is that is happening today will soon be over. That’s Life!

As this year winds down, let me encourage you to set big goals, HUGE goals, goals that keep you up at night not knowing how to do anything that is required to hit that goal. Think bigger than you thought possible, and dare to believe that you will be able to do it no matter the ups and downs life rolls your way. Take the pluses and the minuses as ways to live a full life, not a boring, dull one.

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