Even if it Cannot be Counted

Ink on Scrap paper – Words: Albert Einstein

If you are like most of us, you are counting your pennies as the economy is not our friend right now. Inflation has drained off more of our funds than we care to calculate. When I found these words from Albert Einstein, I knew I had to do something with them…

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

-Albert Einstein

Ask people what the most important thing is in their life, most people will mention people. Friends, family, colleagues, partners, all the people in their life. People are our most important resource, and yet people are hard to count. They do not always fit into neat, little categories. There are not always clean lines or clear differentiations. Sure we can make buckets and stuff people into them – size, shape, color, language, profession, geographic location, age, marital status, even ambitions – yet those buckets always miss the true essence of who that person really is inside. What we count is not always what counts.

How does that apply to your life? What about you makes you truly who you are and is hard to count? Your talent, your thoughts, your ideas and how you interact with others? What do you bring to the table that cannot be counted by checking a neat, little box? Just because it is hard to measure OR cannot be measured does not mean it doesn’t matter. It is probably what makes you incredible. Let me remind you that you are unique, amazing, talented and unlike anyone else on this planet…on the planet! There is no one else who is exactly like you. Yeah, yeah, your Mom tells you that all the time…blah,blah,blah! What if you dared to believe it? What if you spent today actually living your life as if you were incredible and counted beyond measure? How would your day and life change?

What is preventing you from believing in your own value, your talents, your amazingness? It is time to get whatever that thing is out of your head and heart and give yourself the gift of self belief and self esteem! You are important, smart and incredible! No matter how that spreadsheet of characteristics is or isn’t check marked. What truly counts can never really be counted. Know that and act as if you believed it today, give the world the gifts you can bring and help other people understand the things where they count, even if it cannot be counted.

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