So Why Do You Do It?

Ink on watercolor scrap – words: Unknown

I must admit, I am a procrastinator. I perform best when under pressure, and if there is no pressure procrastinating is the way I create a false sense of urgency. I know, I know, it is so illogical and yet somehow it works. It also means I unintentionally stress out other people in my world. When I read this quote I TOTALLY got it. No one likes to get credit card bills yet we thought noting about putting purchases on our credit card at the time. Illogical and yet we eventually have to pay the piper.

I had a friend tell me she procrastinates because it is her way of being in control. She does it in her own time and does it when she wants, which may mean procrastinating more than what makes other people comfortable. Funny the things we do to ourselves and others simply to keep ourselves moving forward…or appearing to move forward.

I have another friend who procrastinates when she does not feel comfortable or knowledgeable about the thing she is being asked to do. For her procrastination is a stalling tactic, a form of avoidance until she gains more moral and mental confidence. She leaves the task alone then jumps on it quickly once that deadline draws closer.

We all do it for different reasons, we put off what we do not want to do until we HAVE TO do it. We do all this to ourselves and others knowing that eventually we have to pay the bill and get that thing done. Whew! It is a triumph once it is completed, the road to get there may be stressful especially if we procrastinated all our time away.

What makes you procrastinate? Or do you think you do not procrastinate? Okay, I’m not sure I believe you on that one. Let me think about that one and I will get back to you, later on…of course.

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