Count Your Blessings, Even If…

Ink on gel printed paper – words: Judith Lindberg

Happy Thanksgiving! The one holiday we celebrate that is all about food, thankfulness and being with people we love. It is the national day for over eating, consuming mass quantities of carbohydrates AND napping. I read this quote and was glad to highlight the phrase bless this bounty. The text reads as follows:

Bless this bounty with grace and gentleness, that the harvest will be abundant

-Judith Lindberg

Count your blessings…no matter how big or how small, count them individually and often. Make a list, post it somewhere that you will see everyday. Read them to remind yourself that you are indeed blessed.

Even if…You are not where you want to be in life, you are still breathing and as long as you have breath in your lungs you have the opportunity to change your world. It takes one step at a time, on day at a time.

Even if…you are struggling with finances, a job change, relationship problems or health issues, shout your blessings loud! Remind yourself that this too shall pass – it may feel like a kidney stone as it all goes along – but it will eventually end. You can make it, you can survive it all.

Even if…you are spent, emotionally empty, hungry for a better life, or wondering what to do next to dig yourself out of this mess…count your blessings that you are alive, kicking and still feeling something. Bad can turn to good, and it will over time. Eat something fattening, wallow in your pajamas and then when you have had enough, get up and get moving…even if that means just taking a shower to get the stink off. Movement means hope is there somewhere and things will change.

No matter our circumstances or situation, we always have the opportunity to be grateful, thankful and express our gratitude for what we do have, who we are and who we are becoming. Enjoy your food based holiday today and eat yourself silly….then nap!

Of all my blessings – which there are many – I count this blog and you my readers and the most unexpected gift I ever received. Thank you for reading…gobble, gobble!

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