Half Full, Half Empty, or Glad to Have a Glass?

Ink on Pastel PAper – Words: Dag Hammarskjold

Continuing on our thankfulness and gratitude theme, these words from Dag Hammarskjold remind us to look back on what we are thankful for and to be excited for all that shall be. Yes! Is the word we need to focus on. Not fear, or what if, or maybe I don’t want to, or what if I want it to all go down a different way. Being thankful for our past reminds us who we were and how far we have come in our journey. Being thankful for future opportunities and options reminds us that exciting things can happen if we choose to see them that way.

I know you know this, but we are not in control of things no matter how much we delude ourselves into thinking we are. We can fret or dread changes, we can ponder and discuss umpteen different ways things could turn out, or we can choose to be positive and excited about what is coming down the pike. The future is unknown, so it allows us to be happy today thinking great things about what might happen. It’s the old glass half full or glass half empty. I look at it a little differently…I choose instead to be thankful that I even have a glass! Anyone who knows me gets that one!

Our attitude of gratitude and thankfulness sets the stage for our future. If we dread, whine, moan, complain, live in fear…who wants to give great things to that person? The universe and infinite possibilities and billions of people out there to bless, by thinking excited, positive, hopeful, even thankful then we have a good chance of having those things in our future.

It’s all about choice – half full or half empty…of simply ecstatic to just have a glass! You choose, you then live with your choice.

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