On the Shoulders of Our Ancestors

Glitter inks and gel pen on handmade paper-Words: Gustav Klimt

For week forty-six in our fifty week calligraphy challenge, the prompt was Art Noveau. I had to google this topic to gain a bit more reference, guess who I picked? Gustav Klimt. These are his words and if he had been a calligrapher I don’t think he would have liked straight lines or symmetrical lettering. I enjoyed working with random colors, and I gained a new appreciation for his work ethic. I used inks to get all the gold, he used gold leaf and that’s a lot of work. the days it must have taken him to fill a canvas are mind blowing!

The quote reads:

Art is a line around our thoughts

-Gustav Klimt

When we are the recipient of other people’s work we can appreciate it yet have no idea of the time and effort it took them to do the job right. Creating a Klimt inspired piece gave me a new perspective on how blessed I am to live in these times, and how persistent those who came before us had to be to get things done. Work ethic, energy and a passionate desire to get things done made this a better world for all of us.

I encourage you to give thanks for the people who worked long and hard to build the world in which you are now able to live. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, that is how we are able to reach our dreams.

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