‘Yes’ or ‘Yes But’…You Choose

Ink on Sketch Paper

When we ask for things – promotion, in our prayers, from others or in a wish list – we need to be prepared to say Yes. Yes we are willing to do what it takes. Yes to doing what it takes to get the job done. And yes to growing or changing in order to be able to handle and manage the outcomes headed our way. Asking means being open to something new, different and unknown. Asking and saying Yes means being all in no matter what, even when facing the unknown.

When we face the unknown, all too often we want Yes and yet react and work from a ‘Yes But’ mindset. I’ll do what it takes, but. I’ll do this but not that. I am will to go this far but not that far. ‘Yes But’ means we’re open, we want it BUT only as long as we can control the parameters or the outcome. Only as long as we can see, manage or foresee all the events and options. And we will do it but…which means we want the option to exit at anytime.

Yes requires faith. It means moving forward and giving it your all no matter what the adventure brings to your door. Yes But wants control. It means hedging, holding out or making specific requests on what is allowed to happen. It is hard to do live out both answers at the same time. when we say Yes to God we relinquish control and have no idea where the seeds of our faith may land and bloom.

When we want full control we are then only able to live out the path we can foresee. When we give up control we have the chance to live an adventure and path we might never have imagined – wild, far reaching, incredible! God thinks so much bigger, farther, and greater than we do. Why not say Yes and be amazed at the far reaching impact instead of saying Yes But and only live a life we can control?

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