Inktober Day 1: The First Time

Ink on Paper – Words Made Famous By: Roberts Flack

It’s October, which means Inktober! Inktober is a global program designed to help artists build a habit of creating work every day. More than fifteen years ago a guy wanted to learn to be a better sketch artist, so he challenged himself to create something in ink every day. As he did that, he posted his work online and that was the beginning of Inktober. There are only three “rules”. 1) Create a piece of art using ink, 2) Post that pieces of art online, 3) repeat that everyday for the entire month of October. This year I have chosen to continue featuring lyrics and songs made famous by women. I had such a great response last year and there are sooo many songs to inspire me, here we go!

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face was made famous in 1969 by Roberta Flack. It was her break out hit and won the Grammy for Best Song of the Year. It was also featured that year in a new Director’s debut film, Play Misty For Me. That Director was Clint Eastwood. It is a poignant song about meeting a special someone for the first time, and how that emotion carries with us long after that first encounter.

We only have some experiences once, for the first time. Falling in love, buying a first home or car, starting a first job, or the painful ones that include emotions and violence. These experiences change us, help us progress, and they form memories we will return to again and again as we reflect on our days and trials. Some of those memories will remind us to be thankful for that moment, and other memories will remind us of the lessons we have learned and the pain we have grown beyond.

Life throws us curve balls, not knowing when another first time will come our way again. And depending upon where we are in life, we may be watching others have their first time experiences. Either way, it is wonderful to savor those moments – the ones worth savoring – and remember how special, how impactful, how exciting those times are in life. Times move quickly and before we know it decades have passed and if we are fortunate we can still say words of joy and love about our first life experiences.

Take time today to savor one of your own first time experiences….

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