All You Have to Do is Let Go…

Ink and paper on Sketch paper – Words: Lao Tzu

I read these words and was inspired to try and create a butterfly from paper. It was harder than I thought. Trying to get it perfectly symmetrical was my initial thought, then I realized I would drive myself crazy trying to get it perfect. So I let go of that idea and had fun creating this. I ended up with specks and dribbles on the page, so I added more to make it look intentional.

Letting go of an idea can feel like the end, or a failure. In reality it is only a new beginning, and isn’t that what butterflies are all about? If that caterpillar did not die and give up who it was it would never become something more or be able to fly. This butterfly reminds me that we have to leave behind who and what we think we are supposed to be in order to transform into our best self. It is painful, sad and often the thought of leaving something behind makes us feel out of control. Wisdom helps us learn over the years that the times we were willing to face life changes are the ones that built our character and forced us to grow.

So let me encourage you to tap into your inner caterpillar – the things that need to transform in order for you to be miraculous – and do the work and waiting to become your beautiful butterfly. Not perfect, not flawless, just the best version of you. I know that when you do the gifts you will bring to others – life, energy, passion and freedom – will be more valuable than those things you left behind. Take the chance, let nature do it’s work, and grow into beauty. All you have to do is let go…

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