We Have to Give It Away First

Ink on Gel Printed Watercolor Paper – Words: Elbert Hubbard

There are a lot of moving parts in my world right now, so this post originally went out without anything but the art. Whoops! Here I am catching up and adding the text behind the work. Which sort of fits into the just of this quote, which reminds us that it is the love we give away that is the only love we keep.

I know that is true because I too live in a world where giving is a really big deal. Not just money, or an offering at church or a gift card. I believe love has the power to change everything, and the more we give it away the more love we end up feeling. For example, we have several bedrooms in our home which have housed a variety of people for a multitude of reasons. Never underestimate the power of a safe place to sleep and live. We may experience that every day, and yet there are those who could change their world if they could change where the lay their head down at night. Be it a college student who cannot afford housing, a mom fleeing domestic violence, a family member between homes, a relative, friend, or acquaintance who needs to crash for a couple nights. Giving love by providing a place to stay changes lives, I’ve seen it happen.

And we can give away our gifts, the things we love to do to help others learn or do something. Helping out, organizing, cleaning, teaching, assisting with household chores, or even mowing their lawn. All of these things tell someone through our actions that they are important, loved and valued. Cook them a dinner for a family in crisis. Blow leaves for a family in turmoil or managing sickness. Walk their dog, wash their car, or even pay a bill or two to give them that extra bump of relief. Whatever it is we can do to show love and caring towards others is how we will see real love in action. Not because we are doing it, because we will receive love back in there ways in another form somewhere down the line.

The love we give is indeed the love we will keep…we have to give it way first. So make time to do something simple for someone else to show your love. You will be loved in return, in some way some day.

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