The Four Phrases That Build Wisdom

Ink on Gel Printed Paper – Words: Unknown

I heard this quote while I was watching an old murder mystery. I liked it so much I backed up the movie to write it down. Wisdom is indeed gained through the ability to speak these four phrases and mean them, no matter the reason or the audience.

I’m Sorry. The power these two words can evoke has the ability to move mountains and change the world. Lives are healed, minds are mended, even the worst mistake committed has an option to be forgiven when these two words are spoken.

I need help. What has ever been accomplished that did not include someone along the way receiving help? Being able to ask for it and provide it brings us all to the same level. No one ever does anything great without a little assistance. Being able to ask for it creates an element of wisdom that changes our soul.

I don’t know. What? You mean there is something you might not know? A fact, a process, how things are going to work out? Being able to admit this keeps us humble, it keeps us whole. No one knows it all, no one. Having the wisdom to know when to say these words and let others into that knowledge makes us a much more accessible human being.

I was wrong. The grand finale of wisdom building words. These can be the toughest to utter into any audience, let alone one filled with people who hold you in high regard. The fragility and vulnerability these words invoke are also the reason they are so powerful.

Wisdom comes not from saying these phrases once in a while. Solid, true, real wisdom is built and sustained by making these phrases a part of our daily dealings and relationships. Using them in our own lives and teaching their importance to others. Never be too much of anything such that these words never leave your lips.

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