Give Yourself the Benefit

Ink on Gel Printed Paper – Words: Og Mandino

What we do today impacts everything we do tomorrow. It may not feel that way when we are doing today’s tasks, and yet we are building a foundation. The choices we make, the decisions we move towards and the people we interact with all create our future. These words from Og Mandino remind us that we will harvest the seeds we sow, so sow wisely.

I spoke to a man this week who was regretting the way he had treated people. He found himself struggling with relationships, not because of today but because of things he had done years previously. Sure people talk about forgive and forget, the harder of those two is always forgetting. He was a victim of his own poor people skills (his words) and wasn’t sure how to navigate his mess moving forward. Good news is things can change, so I encouraged him to be honest with the people and ask them for a chance to improve things moving forward. He can’t change the past, he can work hard to make the future better.

There are so many intricate intertwinings in life that what we do today has the power to impact a plethora of areas in our world. Finances, relationships, opportunities, health, community, you name it. When you stop to think about it, it can feel a bit daunting. The other side is also there. We can build a solid foundation for our future by our choices and actions today…which means there is hope for things to come. They can get better. They can exceed our expectations. The future has possibilities if we begin doing things today to make that possible. The important thing to realize is that we have choices, power and can do anything we want if we are willing to do that work. The point is to ALWAYS do our best, no matter the task or audience because eventually we will be the one sowing the seeds of our labors. So labor well and give yourself the benefit of your own best efforts.

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