Everything is Better

Ink on Gel Printed Papers – Words: Franklin P. Jones

A friend came over this past weekend for an art play date, and we did gel printing. I created these papers to build back my inventory and instantly turned around and utilized a few pieces. This one is glued into one of my journals, a place where I play and have no real plan.

The next day when I was working with the papers I made, I was reminded that love comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Friends, family, colleagues, partners, new friends, old friends, pets and if we are fortunate even ourselves. This quote from Franklin P. Jones is completely accurate. Love touches everything and yet it doesn’t make it always work. However love does have the power to make everything worthwhile.

Strange how that happens. Smear a little love, some patience, a bit of creativity into our lives and everything is better. It isn’t always perfect, it is always better. So when things start to feel off kilter, spread a little love and see what happens. And when you are in need of help or support, ask for what you need – a hug, a shoulder to cry on, or even someone to be creative with while enjoying Frank Sinatra tunes. Whatever it is, whenever it is that you need it, life always gets better with a little love. All we have to do is ask. That means putting aside our pride and loving people before we need to be loved in return.

Be on the look out today for people you can sprinkle with a little love. And when you need that sprinkle in return, ask. Everything is better when love greases those squeaky wheels.

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