Pause for the Cause

Ink & Sharpie Marker on Deli Paper – Words: George Bernard Shaw

Things happen, things beyond our control and planning. One day things run smoothly, the next all chaos breaks loose and it feels like Godzilla is battling Mothra to get control of our world. That’s how life works, things happen and we change, react and move to stay on our path.

There are other things that get thrown into our path – drama, emotions, people, and even unforeseen situations – and in one brief moment we have a choice. We can jump right in and participate, try to save, make things better, get knee deep in the fray…or we can pause. That single moment of silence, waiting, processing, working to understand what just actually happened gives us a chance to act with intention instead of reacting in panic. To be able to do this we have to train ourselves and our emotions to stop, think, then react instead of reacting before thinking.

Looking back I can see all the times I jumped right in, not thinking things through, only to make things worse or create more turmoil. Our emotions have the power to get the better of us before we know it, so a pause for the cause how the power to change everything. Which means if we want to tap into that power we have to discipline ourselves to stop, think then react. And boy can that be hard when the bomb goes off and our emotions jump into the driver’s seat. Before we know it we are steps down the road, and often a road we would not have chosen so quickly if we had just stopped to think.

UGH! Being human can be so hard, and yet when we engage the full spectrum of our abilities we have at our disposal power beyond measure. In one choice and one pause we can conquer the world! It is therefore up to us to harness that power and stop creating situations in which we end up the victim of our own instant reactions. We do have a choice, we simply need to employ that choice first BEFORE Mothra takes over and rules our world. Which again, means engaging the power of the pause. Pause for the cause, think, then react. Master this skill and you will conquer the world, or your world at least!

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