Give Away and Watch What Happens

Various Pens on Hand Made Paper

Christmas in July was our prompt for week twenty-nine in our fifty week Calligraphy challenge. All I could think of were those Ugly Sweaters people wear, and have become quite a trend for the holidays. I had fun drawing and playing with a variety of pens, inks and markers to get it just the right state of tacky! It reminded me of one I was given by a boyfriend’s Mother, which may have been the deciding factor for me to end that relationship.

Giving is not reserved just for the holidays, it can happen any day and for any reason. And it doesn’t have to be an item, it can be something much more meaningful. Give time to someone who needs help cleaning or painting a new space. Give encouragement to someone who is feeling a little down. Or maybe you can give away your books to someone who hasn’t read them yet, then they can pass it on to someone after they have finished reading them.

Whatever it is you have, give it away. A smile, a kind word, a piece of recognition for a job well done, or even give away yourself. Teach others how to do what you like to do. Help them build their own skills, grow a part of themselves they have never tapped into, or simply allow them to pick your brain about your experiences and expertise. Giving doesn’t have to be about items, it means more when it is about ourselves. Give something away today that is not an item and watch how it impacts someone else’s world.

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