Wear Those PJs and Wear Them Well

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Adrienne Posey

Wait a minute, today isn’t Sunday! Yet I still like this quote, and reading it on a non-Sunday day means we get time to plan to stay in our pajamas. I like staying in my PJs, in fact many of my pajamas have ink stains as I wear them too often into my studio. I also wear them to water the plants outside and sometimes to go get the mail. Yes, I am that neighbor although my neighbors cannot see me until I get to the mailbox. Hooray for living in the woods.

Even if you do not live in the woods, sometimes it feels great to stay in your pajamas. It feels decadent, defiant, even a bit deviant. Some of my best ideas have come to me when I was wearing my PJs. There is something about being relaxed in what you are wearing that frees the mind to think new thoughts. And when our body is relaxed our mind has the ability to join in and calm down.

One of my nephews was visiting and came downstairs ready for the day. I was still wearing my PJs. He commented on that and I told him he can wear whatever he wants as long as he wants. The next day he came down and ate breakfast in his PJs. It was fun watching him feel comfortable and relaxed, and we had great conversations that morning while eating breakfast. It was much later in the morning when we all got dressed. It was a fabulous way to start the day.

We’re adults so we do not really need permission to do anything, and yet sometimes it feels like we do. So consider this post your permission to spend a day – any day – in your pajamas. Relax, let your regularly scheduled daily life go and be comfortable. Eat what you want, when you want, nap, rest, and solve whatever problems come your way. Sometimes just one day of being comfortable makes all the rest of the week somehow more manageable. Permission granted, so wear those PJs and wear them well.

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