What Happens When You Juggle

Ink on Splattered Paper Scrap – Words: Eileen Caddy

Once we set in motion the first ball that gets juggled for the day we have no idea how it will stay in motion, nor can we predict who will help us keep it moving. Four weeks ago I announced my new magazine Paper, Pen and Surface and the interest from around the globe has begun. Artists, vendors, and other fabulously creative people are talking about it. I am a bit flabbergasted about the excitement. My goal is to be as non-corporate as possible even though my skills were learned and honed in that arena. We want to have fun, learn and be our true selves in all settings…and we want people who encounter us to feel the same way.

This week I have had many conversations about the new magazine, with people from all over. Everyone is excited and anxious to see the first issue in December. I attended an event earlier this week to meet and greet, and everyone was enthusiastic and willing to work with my team. One person I was seeing for the second time had she already shared what I am doing with her staff and they were excited to meet me. We had great conversations and they already have ideas for content, holy cow! That ball has jumped higher, longer and farther than I ever dreamed possible.

When we give ourselves the runway to dream, imagine and dare to share our idea with others, watch out! Our courage and enthusiasm has the power to ignite fires we cannot control. When people are passionate about something what they think to do, think to create and are willing to do will knock your socks off. THAT is the moment when our attitude, our joy and the laughter we can bring to the situation has a real impact. People want to have fun, do fun things, be included in something exciting. When we choose to bring joy and laughter to all our life settings we spread it beyond where people we touch directly.

Let there be more joy and laughter in your living...a perfect sentiment for us to remember each and every day. When we rise we have no idea what is going to happen during our waking hours, no matter how much we plan. These words from Eileen Caddy are a way to set the stage for our thoughts and mindset as we encounter what comes across our path. Her words help us remember that we do have a choice in how we react to things, what we say, how we feel, and those choices set the stage. Not everything will be exciting or refreshing, so applying the same salve of joy and laughter to ALL things makes it just a bit better. Try it in your world today…see what happens.

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