When it Arrives is When We Will Know

Ink on Handmade Paper – Words: J.K. Rowling

None of us know exactly what tomorrow will bring. We can celebrate that or dread it, either way we are right. The excitement of not knowing brings anticipation, wonder, and maybe even a bit of hope. The idea of not knowing can also fill us with fear, anxiety or maybe even a little panic. Depending upon what it is we are not sure about our reaction could vacillate between celebration and dread, it’s really up to us.

I like how this quote reminds us that whatever it is that is coming, we will meet it when it gets here…because we don’t really know until it arrives how to react. All the worry, dread, excitement and anticipation could be right on point or it may have been a whole lot of emotions for a big fat nothing. Our best path is to be patient, relax and let it come in it’s own time. Until that happens we really don’t know if we are right, or wrong, prepared or exposed. So we must wait. And some days that is easier to do than others.

Are you a worrier, a planner, a fun loving can’t wait to see person? Or do you hate not knowing and the not knowing drives you nuts? How we behave while we wait says a lot about who we are and what we value. It exposes our beliefs or lack there of, our ability to be patient, and even reveals how we manage our own world. We cannot control everything, no matter how much we tells ourselves we can, which means we have to wait and handle it once it really arrives.

As time has taught us all, whatever it is will arrive and either be actually want we thought or nothing like it, or maybe something in between. The good news is we will meet it when it arrives and then can handle what ever it is with all our emotions and actions ready to go. Until then, we can do and handle what is before us right now with great care and attention, getting done what needs to be done right now. What will come will come no matter how we prepare for it, so take care of today’s business, needs, responsibilities and deal with what is coming when it arrives.

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