Life a Quality Life, the One You Choose!

Ink on Marbled Paper – Words: Seneca

I’ve grown to dislike commercials. They work hard to tell us what we are (or are not) and then get us to do (usually buy) whatever it is they think will make us better. It is like being bombarded with a sledge hammer at each new commercial, working hard to leverage the dollars spent on that time slot to get the most bang for the buck. In other words, push hard so the person watching buys more, believes more, and spends more. The message is usually quantity over quality because their product will solve it all.

We live in a time when everyone seems to want more, or at least that is what we are being led to believe. Keeping up with the Joneses has gone to an outrageous level, one in which no one really wins except advertisers. NO ONE can keep up with “the proverbial Joneses”, even the Joneses. To get off that whirlwind means deciding for ourselves what we want, what we don’t, and what we are willing to live without because it isn’t very important to us. Self respect, peace of mind, and personal identity thrive only when we choose what is best for us, no matter what anyone else is shouting.

That can be hard to do when we get it from all fronts. Which means choosing to surround ourselves with people who can support our choices no matter how they live their own lives. Real family, friendship and camaraderie sustains itself when we all can be who we are not fighting other people’s expectations. Being ourselves and being appreciated and supported for that is an amazing space to live within, be it with family, friends or coworkers. Having to fight the good fight everywhere we go gets exhausting, which means we eventually choose to spend our time with people we do not have to fight. There is enough trauma and strife in life, getting bombarded with how to be better, smarter, faster, and have more is enough to drive us all mad. Get off that ride, live out your own choices, and be content to be the best you no matter how that manifests. And turn off the commercials, know that life will get better even if you do not buy or do what “they” say in the next thirty seconds.

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