This Makes it All Seem Bearable

Metallic Ink on Card Stock – Words: Bennet Cerf

I had a god laugh this week. A real belly rolling, tear crying, stomach aching, side splitting laugh. The kind where it takes a few moments to recover your composure knowing that nothing much after that will be as funny. It was partially the moment, partially the topic, and partially the person delivering the line.

You know someone like this, they are funny. Side splitting one liners that roll off their tongue as easy as we say please and thank you. They think funny, they see the funny in this world and allow us into that view by sharing their gift. And it is a gift, one that has to be opened and given willingly with the rest of us, never knowing if we will get the joke or even see the humor in it. These generous, humorous souls bring life and joy and laughter into what can often feel like a ‘same as usual’ kind of day.

There is a risk in being funny, some things just don’t work in all audiences and learning when, how and why to deliver the goods is an art form. An art form that is crafted, worked, and practiced over and over and over again. Which means daring to step out and risk, say the words, then wait for the reaction. Sometimes it’s a chuckle, sometimes it’s applause, sometimes it is silence, and hopefully more than not the reaction is people laughing right out loud. Being funny is a tough business, it is not always a laughing matter.

So let us give thanks and cheers to those we know who dare to risk being funny. They bring humor, energy, spontaneity and joy into our otherwise normal lives. They help us release our emotions, commiserate with our pains, and even help us poke some fun at ourselves. Their courage reminds us that life is funny, funny things happen and sometimes looking at the humorous side of the situation makes it all bearable.

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