We Know This, Are we ACTUALLY Doing it?

Ink on Toned Mixed Media Paper – Words: Amy Gulick

Think about your favorite movie, book or speech. The one that stirs your emotions and brings your heart and head closer together. The one that makes you realize the wonder and grandeur of everything living. The one that makes you think and has touched your soul, changing you forever. Usually our favorite things have touched our heart. Which in turn touches our mind. Once our emotions are stirred it is impossible to prevent our thoughts from being changed.

I have made many presentations in front of all shapes and sizes of audiences. On big stages to small groups, from local to foreign, people I knew and complete strangers. I know I have hit the mark for the topic when I see them experience emotions – joy, laughter, fear, anger, and even confusion. When humans experience words that engage our emotions first it opens the door for growth and change. Facts and figures may serve as powerful backup, however if we forget that there are people involved we miss an opportunity to take things to a higher level.

You may not see a chance in your lifetime to change the world, yet there is always an opportunity to change our own world. Our life, the lives of those in our sphere of influence, the people we talk to everyday, those are the people who need us to encourage, share and help them become a better version of themself. We do that by the words we choose and the things we share. When we engage our heart, their heart, when we combine all that power into a great, big opportunity to grow there is no telling where things can progress.

Choose today to use your words of encouragement, praise, kindness and joy to engage the people you encounter. Do not fear being too emotional or sappy, this world could use a lot more of those things. When we engage our hearts, and the hearts of others, we have the power to do anything.

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