Only an Old Friend Can Point All That Out and Still be Your Friend

Ink on tinted watercolor paper – words: Ralph Waldo Emerson

I recently reconnected with an old friend. We’ve known each other for over thirty years. They have moved closer to us and we are both excited to rekindle our friendship. Interestingly enough she is teaching herself calligraphy. We plan to ‘play’ together with words and ink and lettering, which will be a new arena for us to explore.

Time is a strange beast. It works for us and against us in most arenas of our lives. Some days we don’t have enough, and other days we are bored to death with too much time on our hands. If we are fortunate, we will have friendships of all kinds along the way. Old friends are the best. They have known us long enough to see us win, lose, rise again and change into a better version of ourselves…we hope! They cheer when we win and comfort us when we lose. They have seen us be stupid, REALLY stupid depending upon how long we have known them, and they are our friend anyway.

Sometimes friends are here for the long haul, and others pop in and out of our lives. Some friends leave soon, others leave later, and still others never go anywhere at all. Eventually time is no longer an ally it becomes the villain. It takes our friends away one by one. Be it death, distance, circumstances or just the passage of time, old friends eventually leave us or we leave them. No one gets out of this life alive no matter how many friends you have on Facebook. It is at these times that we must think and remember the good times, how much they meant to us and how being their friend changed us for the better. For it is our old friends who will get old with us, beside us and eventually leave us for a better place.

Take a moment to think about an old friend. You know the one who has known you longer than anyone else, and you still call them friend. Take time to reach out to them today and listen, just say hello and enjoy being known for who you are and what you bring to the table. There is nothing like an old friend to remind us that we are better than we were and not quite who we were meant to be; and it is only an old friend who can point all that out and still be your friend.

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