The Things that Money Can’t Buy

Ink on paper scrap – Words: Zig Ziglar

No matter how you feel about motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar has shared great wisdom and insight for us all to absorb. These words about money are ones we should hide inside every person’s wallet, right next to their debit or credit card. That way we can all be reminded that no matter how much we make or how much we spend, we cannot obtain what will truly make us happy through buying or selling things.

A good night’s sleep, OH! How we all need those. We cannot buy good health, better concentration, or even a temperate mood. Take away a few nights of good, solid, healthy sleep and everything begins to unravel. Yes there are only so many hours in a day, which means we have to carefully choose what we do and prepare ourselves and our environment for good sleep. You may be able to function on a fewer hours, sure. Let me ask you this, when you are on vacation how much do you sleep? That is when you find out how much sleep you really need. You can’t make it up or bank it, so be honest with yourself and maybe “functioning” is not enough. Maybe adding one hour to your sleep cycle will yield the energy and vitally you need to be better at what you do. And isn’t better more profitable than functioning? Letting go of our worries and to do items long enough to allow our bodies to heal themselves while we sleep…money can’t buy that.

A home, the place where we spend our time and build our life. Home is where we live, grow and create the world for which we are working so hard to support. Houses have numbers, homes have names. So what would you call your home? Don’t like where you live? Sure you could buy a new house, one which is bigger, cooler, more attractive to hold all your stuff. Maybe instead of going for new, you work a bit to make your current residence more of what you want. Bigger is not always better. Home is a place where you can be you AND the people you love can be welcomed and adored. Going for more may add more stress which gets back to that good night’s sleep thing. Money can buy a house, only you can choose to make it a home.

A finally there are friends. We cannot buy those. We can fake those on social media, like what they share, and even have relationships all over the globe. That REAL friend is the one who helps you paint a bathroom or clear out a closet, who tells you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it, and urges you towards a better, healthier life. Friendship takes time, effort, and mutual trust. Money has nothing to do with true friendship.

We only have so many hours in each day. We can work for money, or work towards the things we really want – a good night’s sleep, a home, and friends. So check yourself, what are you working for? Maybe a good tweak here or there could set you back on track and allow the money you make to set a foundation for the things you really want, the things that money can’t buy.

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