And Get the Right Things Done

Ink on paste paper – Words: Nelson Mandela

It is one thing to have a heart filled with goodness and love, it is another to be able to put that goodness to use. When both of these things are put together incredible things can be accomplished. Nelson Mandela was right and is a man who waited long and hard to put his good head and heart to good use.

Good ideas, good actions, and the ability to put all that to good use takes time. It takes patience to stay focused and not give up, especially when results are not immediate. Layers and layers and layers of activity eventually build until momentum works it’s magic and the results become evident. Too many of us give up when things get tough, when we hit walls and criticism, not realizing that it is those very moments when we are on the brink of being right.

So the question is not how to be good, the question is how to stay the course when everything around you seems to be falling to pieces? A few things help – the first being faith. We cannot seek to do good if we ourselves do not believe that what we are pursuing is worth the effort, that it will do good and make things better. Without faith nothing is possible. We also need a work ethic that keeps us fueled when our tanks are empty, something that drives us to do the work when the work we do feels murky or dull. And we need a support system – people, tools, inspiration that help remind us of our purpose us when our tanks are empty and our faith is low.

We can try going it alone, and yet we know that all good things take more than one person to make them work. With faith, a work ethic and a strong support system we can put our good head and good heart in the right places..and get the right things done.

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