Once You Understand It, You Can Never be Stopped!

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Stephen King

Somewhere along the way we have made the words “hard work” feel bad, unwelcome or even something to avoid. Convenience has become the word of the day, as everything we now do has become a method of convenience. Sure it is nice to have groceries delivered, to order anything we need online, or to even learn more than we ever knew was possible by watching videos and taking classes online. None of those conveniences take away the value of hard work.

I was going to do something and asked someone if they wanted to help me, and their first comment was. “Wow, that’s going to be a lot of hard work.” As if the thing was no longer worth doing because to get there would be hard. In working on a project I shared with someone the plan and their comment was. “Is it worth all that hard work to get there?” Again, hard work being something to avoid.

Let us not forget that someone, somewhere had to do a LOT of hard work to make things convenient. Programming, organizing, structuring, even facilitating the behinds the scenes activities for everything we do to be possible…all of that is very hard work. It may not be us doing it, yet we are the beneficiaries of all that effort. Nothing of value ever came to be without someone putting in a lot of effort and sweat equity. Not much gets done if everyone is not willing to work, and work hard.

I am starting yet another project and yes, I got comments about all the hard work. I actually felt sorry for the people making those comments. They don’t get it. Hard work is good, fun, and so rewarding that nothing feels like success does once the hard work has been done and the goal is reached. No one can take away from us the satisfaction, self confidence or the ownership in being the person who did the hard work. And no one can make us doubt ourselves once we have been the person who does that hard work AND sees the success hard work brings. If you are willing to do the work, you can do anything! ANYTHING! The only thing preventing us from being successful is a fear, avoidance of or disdain for hard work. Once you understand the value in hard work you will never doubt or discount it again.

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