Try a “What if?” Moment

Ink on handmade paper – Words: Martin Luther King, Jr.

For week fourteen in our fifty week challenge we were given these words and told to use only one ink and one nib. If you ask most artists they have their favorite go to tool, the one they and utilize most often. For this piece I wanted to not use a traditional nib in a traditional way, so I made up the letters doing the opposite of what is expected. Most of the thin lines are usually think and vice versa. I did not make all the letters the same way nor did I use guidelines, nor did I hold the pen the traditional way. I had to test my letters first to make sure they would work, then free handed this outcome…and yes, the ‘v’ was a spelling mishap I wedged back into the piece. I like the way this turned out and have already started another piece using these same non-traditional tricks.

I must admit, I first went down the traditional path with elegant lettering and smooth lines. Before I was done I was bored with it, and that’s a bad sign. I decided to break the rules and go non-traditional in as many ways as possible and before I knew it I was enthralled, having fun and challenging myself to see what would happen. Isn’t that how it usually works? We learn and grow a skill and find ourselves doing things the same old way with the same old tools. When we muster the courage to break the rules and are willing to fail or make mistakes we are then astounded at the outcomes. And before we know it we are doing it again and again enjoying the newness AND reaching results we never expected.

I know there is a project or to do item you have on your plate that naturally leads you down the certain path, the way you always go. What if you tried breaking a few rules and let yourself fail? What if? Isn’t that a fabulous phrase! That thing you want or need to do may be your “what if” moment. Give it a whirl, make a mistake, break the rules or use your standard tool in a new, non-traditional manner. You may be pleasantly surprised about what a newly inspired you can create!

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