Luck Had Nothing to do With It

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Emily Dickinson

I spent my day combating the dullness of a dark, rainy day. I finished a house project that was on my to do list. Even though it took all day it was energizing and it felt good to get it done. I really love where we live and enjoy making it our special place, and the satisfaction of making our home unique is fabulous!

To make our life one we enjoy living takes work – toil – to use Emily Dickinson’s word. When we are successful in living out our choices with hard work and labor, people call us lucky. Luck usually has nothing to do with it. Most people get what they want through hard work, lots of hard work.

Hard work requires stamina, will power and a willingness to do what it takes even when it does not fit within the nine to five schedule. It means trying, failing and getting back up to try again. It means doing things not everyone is willing to do. Hard work is hard because if it weren’t everyone would do it.

Are you one of those people who actually likes and enjoys hard work? If yes then I can guess that your life is one where people think you are lucky. You and I know luck had nothing to do with it. So keep up the good work, the hard work, and build the life you want. Each task, each project, each goal and milestone puts you one step closer to living the life you want and others only dream about.

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