Let Leonardo’s Words Inspire You Today

Scrap gel print paper & ink – Words: Leonardo Da Vinci

For all the magnificent works he created, the inventions, the sculptures, the artwork and the transformations he began, Da Vinci used simplicity best of all. His work may look complicated and yet when you truly gaze at each one their ultimate simple, clean, communicative lines share the message in clear words. Anyone can overcomplicate anything, including jello. It takes a genius to be able to simplify more and more to communicate their best message.

We live such complicated lives, of our choice and making not simply because of the times in which we reside. When we make more deliberate choices we are able to clear up, clean out and simplify even the most minute parts of our world. Turning things off, putting things away in the same place every time, and letting go of what everyone else does and only do the things that make our world a personal definition of peaceful. It may mean turning things off, slowing down, staying still or even spending less. Not to make a point, to be true to our vision of what we want our life to be no matter what anyone else expects or imposes.

I planted seeds in the ground today. Not a huge garden or a massive flower bed, just a couple packets of seeds in an old wooden barrel. I hope they come up, I hope they survive, and I hope they will spread over the years to come. It wasn’t a to do item, or a must have. It was a way of simplifying an area that bothered me enough to make a change. It felt good. I got it done and will water for a while and let Mother Nature take her course. It was a great way to spend and hour with the hope that seeds sprout and flowers bloom.

Isn’t that all we can ask of any of our ventures? Growing and blooming? Our children, our families, our homes and our lives? And for things to grow we also need to simplify it all so that we can manage and enjoy the fruits of our efforts. Complicated things can be simple, and simple things have the power to bring us peace, joy and hope. One flower seed once bloomed has the ability to seed and reseed for years to come. Maybe today you want to simplify one thing in your world – be it a flower barrel or a cluttered closet, a complicated idea or a work of art. Let Leonardo’s words inspire you to simplify and enjoy your world a bit more today.

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