Fill the Gap Between Mediocrity and Accomplishment

Ink on scrap paper – Words: Norman Vincent Peale

I do calligraphy everyday, and have been doing that for over two years now. As a result I often have pieces that just didn’t work. I don’t like the layout, the colors, the spacing, the lettering, all sorts of things about it just don’t hit the mark. So I put them aside (I used to throw them out) and sometimes revisit them in the future. This is one of those pieces. It was much larger, so I cut it vertically into thirds and Viola! A viable scrap piece with texture and color already included rises from the ashes. I had the quote already picked out and needed to combine the two into a piece of art that looked cohesive. I added a bit of highlights into the major words, and here it is!

This piece reminds me that enthusiasm isn’t always about the new, exciting, upcoming fun stuff on our plate. Sometimes enthusiasm provides a different perspective on old, gently worn out stuff as well. Enthusiasm allows us to see with fresh eyes that pile or project in the corner of our desk that we have been avoiding. Mustering a little courage allows us to revisit the original and revamp it into something for which we can see a new future. Maybe we put it aside because we didn’t see an end game. Maybe it was an assignment or project with a lower priority that has risen to the top. Or maybe we just didn’t like it, so we put it in the corner and hoped it would go away. And now it’s back, with the assistance of a little enthusiasm and bringing a renewed energy and idea to our world.

Okay, so it’s time to look at your own scrap pile – the one filled with to do items, unstarted ideas, or even moldy projects you have been working hard to avoid. Open them up, drag out that piece of paper, and add a sprinkle of enthusiasm. Let that magic emotional elixir bridge the gap between mediocrity and accomplishment. Sometimes all you need is a fresh energy boost to get what was dull back into an exciting, viable working order.

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