So Fly That Flag, Think Kind Thoughts

Ink on Hued Sketch Paper – Words: Voltaire

I live in the South. We do not agree with the Confederate Flag, yet some of our neighbors fly it with pride. I do not agree with this and find it a bit embarrassing when people visit, however it is their right to fly whatever flag they want on their property. Ugh!

As Americans we pride ourselves on freedom for all, which means defending their freedom even if they say or do something we TOTALLY disagree with. The best way to do this is by voting – at the polls, with our feet and our checkbook. Don’t want to support what they do, walk away. Don’t want to hear their vile words, walk away. Don’t want to allow them to treat you or yours in a disgusting manner, walk away and do not give them the air time, control or ability to make you angry. Easier said than done.

Sure we can fight, sure we can protest. Yes we can choose to support or not support products, goods, or services that support things we do not agree with. We have the freedom to do all of those things and more…and so do they. THAT is what true freedom is all about. I may not like what you do, yet I will “fight to the death your right to do it”. Freedom for all means for A L L! No matter how much we like, agree or can’t choke down their opinions. Don’t like the fake news, negative news, gloom and doom, stop watching the news. Don’t like reality television, whining, moaning, belittling programs, stop watching them. Don’t want to pay for programs you cannot abide, then vote those programs down.

We have freedom to control our lives, just like my neighbors have freedom to fly a flag. When I drive by those houses I pray for them and think kind thoughts…otherwise I would be angry and mean. (Kindness changes things even if it is only changes me!) Men and women fight everyday to defend our rights, EVERYONE’s rights, even if we do not always agree with how “they” utilize and exercise their rights. I don’t want to start playing the game of limiting certain people because “certain people” will one day include me.

I give thanks for our right to speak, fly a flag and protest. I give thanks for the people defending our rights. And I give thanks that one day we will be equal under the law no matter our age, race, gender, or any other demographic. So fly that flag, think kind thoughts and be glad we have the freedom to do it all and more.

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