Choose to be a Have Each and Every Day

Ink on Scrap Watercolor paper – Words: Marge Piercy

What is the best gift you ever received? Maybe it was for a birthday, anniversary or even another special occasion. Marge Pierce reminds us that no matter what other gifts we have received, our first gift was life, the second was love, the third was understanding.

Some of us take for granted the gifts we have received. There are many people, many people we all know and care about that live with one of the three, or even two of the three. Those who experience all three on a regular basis are truly, truly blessed. Too often we forget these gifts because they have become so familiar and ingrained in our daily life that we cannot remember when they were not part of our world. Not everyone knows that sense of joy, peace and contentment.

We were in a different part of the city today, where economic lines are drawn without reason and yet are very noticeable. The haves were apparent as well as the have nots. Knowing I had done this quote for today’s post I thought about the three gifts and wondered who on each economic side had one, or two, or all three. I realized very quickly that the haves may experience economic abundance yet be bone dry when it comes to two of the three. And those have nots may not have lots of money in their packets yet they are wealthy beyond measure in all three gifts.

In the end our demographics do not always accurately identify nor guarantee that we live with all three gifts. Yet that does not mean we have to pass on those gaps to others in our life or the next generations. One of my best gifts was one I gave myself later in life. I still have it and think about where and when I purchased it for myself. I cherish it deeply because it signified for me a change in my life. It was a gift I needed so I gave it to myself. If you find yourself lacking in one of two of the gifts in today’s quote, maybe it is time to speak up and let someone know how you feel. It also may be time for you to stop being a have not and go and gather that gift for yourself. Acceptance and action give us the power to change the world if we choose to be a have each and every day.

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