The Diverse and Beautiful

Ink on Spritzed Handmade Paper – Words: Amanda Gorman

This week, week nine in our fifty week challenge, the prompt was Amanda Gorman. We were given her poem which was read at the inauguration and asked – as this is an international group – to make it less ‘American’ and more global. The words in the last stanza stuck out to me so I spritzed my paper, grabbed pens and started writing. It was an experiment and it worked out okay!

Whether you agree with everything that happens in your country, hometown, company or church, there is an expectation of support and pride in some aspect of that organization; otherwise, why would you still be there? We vote with our feet and our money, still Being part of something means your feet and your money are voting together.

I am very proud to be an American. That doesn’t mean I agree or support all American policies. I do not have to like everything in order to support the big picture. Sometimes knowing what the core values are is enough. I worked with a contractor from another country. They made a LOT of money working here in the US. One afternoon they started complaining about all the differences between the states. “This one does it this way, another one does it that way. Why can’t they all agree? I do not see them as ‘united’ states at all.” Up to that point I held my tongue. They saw my face and asked me what was wrong. I told them they may not like my opinion so I’ll keep my mouth shut. They then encouraged me to be honest…they asked for it!

I told them I found them a big hypocritical. They complained about how messed up our country is, yet they choose to do all their business here as it is the place where they can make the most money doing what they want. So which way is it, we’re horrible or the best place to be free to earn? I then advised them that if they were so unhappy with working between our states they could go back home and earn there instead. Silence from them, then a smile with a sigh. They told me I was right and that they should stop complaining about things that were not very important, more annoyances. They appreciated my honesty and promised they would not complain again…at least not in my presence.

“Diverse and Beautiful”, Amanda Gorman’s words. We have to take the good, the bad, the annoying and embrace the good and beautiful in our homes, countries and each other. It may not always make sense, so it is our job to focus on the good and let the rest work itself out another day.

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