Both Joy and Torment? Who Knew?!?

Opaque & Gel pen on Black Card stock – Words: Claude Monet

I read this quote and was struck that Monet would use such adjectives to describe something for which he was a master. He used color and light in a new way, inventive ways, transformative ways AND to then know that color was both his joy and his torment was enlightening. It made me feel better about my own up and down creative days in my studio.

Maybe we aren’t crazy, just mortal. Everyone has good days at work and tormented days at work. No matter how their lives appear on social media, everyone struggles with the thing they do best. It is their light and life as well as their source of sorrow and doubt. I bet Monet had good and bad Mondays and at times wanted the weekend to arrive sooner rather than later. The best thing he did about those ups and downs, he kept painting.

The best we can do when tormented, troubled, doubtful or even bored when utilizing our skills and passions is to keep going. Not all days are ‘knock it out of the park’ days, some days are just a basic base hit. Then we do the work, run the bases and wait our turn for another at bat. Be it yet another spreadsheet, more presentations, meetings, conference calls or online meetings, some days you just have to keep your head down and keep going.

I had a wise mentor tell me never to make life changing decisions at low tide. Everything can feel low energy and less inviting, so wait until the tides are active before drastically making a move. Everyone has a dull Monday or a ‘C’mon Friday’ week. The key is to step away, breathe deep and get right back into it when the new week arrives.

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