Use Your Gifts Wisely

Ink on tinted Watercolor- Words: Leonardo Da Vinci

Death is part of life. No matter who we are or how we try, none of us is getting out of this thing called life alive. For our family this week gave us a reminder. My Dad’s cousin Marty Wilson died at age 95. She lived each year filled with well spent days and her life was very well used. These words from Leonardo Da Vinci remind us all that to live well we must spend one day at a time being our best self, our true self, invest in others and know that when we face the end of our days we have lived a life well used.

A life well used, often easier said than done when the boring meetings, the mundane tasks, the menial monthly chores or the hours spent commuting gets all our energy. Life is not measured by how much we earn or what things we have been fortunate enough to purchase. Life is measured by the number of people whose lives are better because of our words and deeds.

There are so many people out there hurting, frustrated and wandering. they are just waiting for someone, anyone to smile or give them a nod, maybe a kind word or two. Just taking the time to notice they exist, matter and are worth someone’s attention. It may seem trivial and yet to someone who is hurting a kind word makes all the difference. When we are too busy in our own “stuff” we forget to notice the people around us who need a bit of our sunshine to make their day better.

Today is the day you can make a difference for someone you know or someone you bump into. Either way, the effort you invest in others is what makes our own lives ones which are well used. We have all the energy we want, we have all the options in the world to do with what we have everyday. Why not make your day one which is well spent making the lives of others better. It’s simple, use your gifts wisely. You never know who needs the gifts you have to make their world just a smidge better.

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